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Curtains & Drapes: September 2007

Friday, September 28, 2007

Kitchen curtains

Kitchen curtains

Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. So we must make it look nice. One of the biggest elements out of how the kitchen looks are kitchen curtains. The kitchen curtains must not stand out with strong color or crazy pattern. The color of kitchen curtains must be soft so it doesn't stand out. It must look good with all the other colors in the kitchen.

You're reading this because you're probably unsure on which kind of curtains should you put in your kitchen. We'll give you a few essential tips on how the kitchen curtains should look like.

First of all you have to measure your windows in the kitchen. If you're a Windows are extremely big then you really should put the kitchen curtains in the kitchen. The problem with big windows in the kitchen is the feeling that you're being watched by the outside world.that's the thing that kitchen curtains will solve.

if the windows in your kitchen are small then you shouldn't buy the whole kitchen curtain, but just a valance or something like that.this will solve the problem of the light not getting into kitchen, but you'll still be able to cover the window area.

The thing that is also very important when you're choosing your kitchen curtains is the color of the curtains. As we said before the curtains shouldn't have too outstanding colors or some crazy patterns. As we said before they must accentuate every other element that is already in the kitchen. So let's say if your home appliances like dishwasher, sink and refrigerator are mostly white colored then you should get the kitchen curtains wait a high amount of white color.

This works some advice is if you're buying kitchen curtains

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Discount curtains

Discount curtains

Shops on the worldwide web are a great place for buying discount curtains. Because of the enormous competition on the Internet the discounts for curtains are very big.

You can choose from a number of different patterns and different add-ons for curtains like sconces, curtain rods or shower Curtains.

Most of the Web stores can ship your order within 24 hours. The customer service is great on the most all of the websites.

You can choose from a great number of discount curtains. You can select a different discount curtain for every room in your house. Discount curtains websites sell curtains for your kitchen, your bathroom, your living room and for your child's room.

If you do not want to buy new curtains you can make your own...

You can improve the look of your house with new discount curtains.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Shower curtains

A new shower curtain and change look and feel of your bathroom

It is very difficult to find a nice shower curtain that will match the style that you have in your home or in your bathroom. Luckily there are a lot of great different shower curtains with a lot of different patterns.

When you're buying a new shower curtain it is very important that it is washable in the dishwasher and that it is very lightweight.

Here are some different styles of shower curtains:

Contemporary shower curtains,

Elegant shower curtains

Floral shower curtains

Holiday and Christmas shower curtains

Kids shower curtains

Nature and animals shower curtains

Nautical shower curtains

Novelty shower curtains

South western and western shower curtains

Fabric shower curtains

Finyl shower curtains

Here is the information on how to make your own curtains...

Here are some ideas if you're buying the new shower curtains

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How to make curtains

How to make curtains

Here is how:

First of all you have to measure the window. When you do that you have to be very precise because if you don't measure the window correctly there could be some problems afterwards.

Now you have to determine what is desired length of the valance. These should start with the rod of the curtain. This is probably about 16 inches in deep. It can also be longer it depends on the width of the window.

Then you must lay the fabric on the surface which is totally flat. The front must face down. Then you must measure the width that you prefer the valance on fabric. You can hang a valance directly on the rod. You must add 3 inches to width for every panel of valence. Then cut to the fabric.

Then you have to measure the depth which you desire of the valence on the fabric for curtains. If you got all your measures right fabric will be folded in two pieces. Add 3 inch for hems. Then cut.

Because you have kept the fabric face down you can to measure an inch and a half from every side of material and place pins which are straight throughout the whole length of the material.
Then you have to stage them both together on every side with sewing machine. Then you have to remove all the pins or you can use glue gun for this.

Then you have to turn all fabric on the other side then you have to fault all the corners of the fabric so that all corners meet.Then you have to measure inch and a half from the top of the curtain and then pin. Again Stitch with sewing machine then you have to turn the fabric right side out. The hems must face inside then you have to measure 1 inch from deadline that you just sew. The rod will go here. If you will be placing a rod that is thicker you have to increase the size.

Now you had to pin across the width and stitch everything.Then you slide the rod in and hang the curtains.

Are you buying new shower curtains?

That is it. This is how you can make curtains

What must you look at when you are buying discount curtains?

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