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Curtains & Drapes: October 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to make curtains Lined Curtains

Lined Curtains

Using lined curtains is an excellent method for window dressing and window treatments. Lined curtains are made by adding linings to the curtains. Due to lining on the curtains, you not only enhance the durability of the curtains but also protect the curtains from direct light and accentuate the look and beauty of the the home décor. Depending upon the location and utility, you can select lining in different ways.

For living room windows, you can also go for lined curtains with thermal insulation and for blackout curtains. Bag lined curtains and pleated curtains are always the most popular form of lined curtains in many households. Lined curtains are generally costlier than traditional curtains however, if you are short of funds, you can always make lining on the curtains at your home. On the Internet, there are many sites that provide step by step guide for making lined curtains without any extra efforts and at negligible costs.

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How to make curtains Tier Curtains

Tier Curtains

Tier curtains are widely accepted all over the world as one of the most suitable option not only for ensuring privacy of your home but also for presenting a great finishing touch and as an ideal method of window treatment. Privacy tiers or cafe curtains are the alternative names of tier curtains. Tier curtains come in different sizes but 24” and 45” length are the most common and running items. Many people also tier curtains to cover lower half portions of the windows or as an option for short length windows.

Tier curtains can be easily hung from standard rod sizes of one and half inches diameter. With the perfect blend of valance top treatments and tier curtains, you can create a classic ensemble look on the windows of your living rooms and bedrooms. Ruffled tier curtains and tailored tier curtains are most popular for bathrooms windows and kitchen windows. Tier curtains come in a large variety of dark, bright, light and solid colors and different types of prints and designs. Moreover, you can also buy Victorian and French style tier curtains at many places in Europe.

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How to make curtains String Curtains

String Curtains

String curtains are a dream for many people especially with its delightful touch. Many people aspire to sit behind delightful and enveloping string curtains hanging from the ceiling. Tortoise string curtains and rayon string curtains, which come with 18 strings per inch, are really wonderful and provide a simply fantastic and breathtaking view of the entire lining rooms and gallery. It is no surprise why string curtains are often known as palatial or queen curtains.

String curtains with fringe panels and natural beads are always in great demand from the people who are searching exquisite and luxurious curtains and home furnishing. In many Asian countries such as India and China, string curtains are often used for wedding decoration. At many places in India, Maharaja style string curtains are used for decorating large open ground at the time of royal wedding ceremonies of royal families. Given its exotic beauty, style and richness, it is obvious that string curtains are beyond the reach of ordinary people.

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How to make curtains Toilet Curtains

Toilet Curtains

Toilet is basically a French word that has now been accepted as a English word. Toilet means canvas or fabric or linen cloth and especially the painting on the cloth. Originally used for making garments, Toile is now a very popular fabric for making Toile Curtains. In essence, Toile is a decorating pattern or a way of décor with white backgrounds and repetitive patterns on it and thereby making it a complex pattern or painting.

Toilet curtains have become a very popular form of representing Toile designs and Toile patterns especially with Toile home décor. Toile curtains are generally made from heavy fabrics and the standard pattern on it is the pastoral theme. Toile curtains with swags, tiers and embroidery go best antique style for home furnishing and for people with medieval taste. Toile print curtains are also often used for window dressing and window treatments of kitchen and children's bedrooms and as beautiful wall coverings.

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How to make curtains Purple Curtains

Purple Curtains

Well-designed and elegant purple shower curtains look beautiful in the bathrooms. Purple is the color that generally blends easily with the standard décor of most of the bathrooms. When it comes to purple curtains, purple velvet curtains and purple silk curtains are generally in more demand because the combination of purple color and silk or velvet curtains offers one of the best choices for people looking out for aesthetic and high end products for their home furnishings.

Regardless of whether you use lighter or brighter shade of purple color, one ting is certain that you will fall in love with your bedrooms and living rooms when you decorate your windows with purple curtains. Purple curtains offer a great option for covering large bay windows and living room windows. Purple curtains made from silk and velvets are often recommended by Feng Shui consultants as stress relief accessories. Believe it or not, purple curtains could be one of the best solutions for creating a soothing and harmonious atmosphere in your living rooms.

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Curtains and Window Treatments

Curtains and Window Treatments

Curtains, drapes, draperies, shades, and window dressing are few of the most common methods of window treatments. Curtains are essentially used for the purpose of home décor but many people also use curtains for window treatments. Nevertheless, it is not easy to to use curtains as an alternative to window treatments. Apart from the traditional curtains, valances are also used very commonly for window treatments.

Valances, which are made from cotton and linen fabric, are hang over the upper half or quarter portion of the windows. In order to ensure proper privacy, many people go for partial window blinds in addition to valances. Depending upon the location of window and the amount of light entering through the window, you might have to opt for combination of various window treatments including curtains, valances, blinds and shades. Thermal or insulated curtains and blackout curtains are also used by many people for window treatments and for saving energy.

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How to make curtains Bathroom Window Curtains

Bathroom Window Curtains

Although bathroom window curtains are essentially meant to protect your privacy but with the right bathroom window curtains, you can easily turn your bathrooms into a getaway of comforts and relaxation. If you are thinking of refurbishing your bathrooms with new bathroom window curtains, you might have to keep several factors in mind. Depending upon your lifestyle, taste and preferences and the location of bathroom windows, you should choose the curtains for bathroom windows.

It goes without saying that privacy is the first and foremost parameter while shopping for bathroom window curtains. You have to be very careful about the size and mounting arrangements so that you can fully cover the entire bathroom window with curtains. When it comes to colors, designs and prints of bathroom window curtains, a lot depends upon the overall theme of bathroom décor. As far as the material of bathroom window curtains is concerned, it is obvious that you must go for polyester or vinyl curtains.

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How to make curtains Living Room Curtains

Living Room Curtains

For most of the people, selection of living room curtains poses lots of predicaments, as several factors need to be borne in mind. You have to keep in mind the taste and styles of all the family members and also the lifestyle of different members of the family. Generally, living room is the largest area in the entire house and therefore it has more number of windows. Finding curtains matching different windows and especially if there are any bay windows is never an easy task.

Living room is the only place in the house where you are going to receive maximum guests and outsiders and therefore, in order to keep your status and aesthetic sense intact in the eyes of the friends and relatives, you have to go for the best and most beautiful living room curtains. Living room curtains should be chosen in such a way that you can create a balance of light and shade in the living rooms. If you are short of budgets, you can go for living room curtains made from voile or linen so that you can create a cozy and comfortable feel without paying too high an amount for curtains.

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How to make curtains Marburn Curtains

Marburn Curtains

Marburn is one of the largest curtains warehouse in USA with more than 20 locations to serve their discerning clients. Marburn stores has become a name synonymous with curtains and that is why people often call it as Marburn Curtains. At Marburn, you can shop for everything you want for window dressing and window treatment including customized drapes, vast range of curtains, and latest fashions in window treatments.

Marburn curtains can be bought online or offline through hundreds of retailers and home furnishing chain stores all over USA. Marburn curtains has a wide and rich collection of decorative rods, curtains from cotton to silk, beautiful blinds, exotic shades, hanging hardware, sheers, laces, frills, any linens for kitchens, bathrooms, showers, living rooms, bedrooms, patios and backyards. Besides, Marburn Curtains warehouse also stores wide range of curtains accessories, curtain rods, vertical and horizontal blinds, mini blinds, tiebacks and wall decors. In addition to hundreds of range and varieties, Marburn Curtains come in all the price range from cheap yet good quality to high end and luxurious curtains.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to make curtains Pink Curtains

Pink Curtains

When you are choosing shower curtains and finding it difficult to select the right colors, you can try out pink curtains, as pink is one of most suitable colors for bathrooms curtains and shower curtains regardless of the color of bathroom walls. Pink curtains with embroidered designs of hearts and made from voile or cotton fabric go extremely well on the windows of master bedrooms Pink curtains not only provide a great soothing and relaxing feel but also present a classic romantic ambiance.

Pink curtains with laces and frills, made from silk and pink satin bed covers are one of the most exotic combination for princess bedrooms. As per Feng Shui, pink curtains and purple velvet curtains can be considered for stress relief. Moreover, pink curtains can often do a great job of making your living rooms look extra spacious. Pink curtains with scarlet and yellow spots and few stripes can also be considered if you are planning to go for completely new-look bedrooms.

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How to make curtains Curtains UK

Curtains UK

UK is perhaps one of the most sought after curtains market because UK is one of the the largest centers with tons of dealers, resellers and online retailers that specialize in curtains UK. Owing its old glory and past history, UK has remained as one of the medieval places for exotic and exquisite designs in curtains. Curtains UK come in vast assortment of designs, colors, prints, materials and a price range from cheap to luxurious curtains.

Silk curtains, velvet curtains and other high end products in curtains are very famous in UK. Montgomery Direct is one of the world's largest online retailers of curtains UK, made to measure curtains and customized curtains. Many manufactures in curtains UK specialize in white curtains, outdoor curtains and blackout curtains. If you do a quick search on the Internet for the words curtains UK, you could probably come across millions of search results. Curtains UK are made from different types of voile, linen, polyester and cotton fabrics.

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How to make curtains Bay Window Curtains

Bay Window Curtains

When people are decorating their homes, it is always a dilemma for them as to how to select window dressing for bay windows. Bay window curtains need to be selected very meticulously, as bay windows are much different from other windows especially due to its locations at recessed corners and with few angled ends. Therefore, it is necessary that bay window curtains should be chosen after great considerations about size, shape, colors and aesthetic elements.

In fact, it is often said that the real charm of bay windows comes out only with the right type of bay window curtains. Curtain frames, curtain rods, and other accessories also play a pivotal role in beautifying the bay windows. It also happens sometimes that getting perfect matching bay window curtains becomes a tedious problem. In such cases, you should try out customized or made to measure bay window curtains. Therefore, when planning for bay window curtains, give a proper thought its sizes, design and colors and also to spend some time in shopping or the bay window curtains so that you can get the real worth of the money spent for home décor.

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How to make curtains White Curtains

White Curtains

White curtains are often used as sign of sheer luxury and soothing ambiance. In fact, at many wedding functions, you can find lots of decorations done using white curtains, which provide a beautiful look especially with white lights adorning the white curtains. Many women prefer to go for white curtains for the children's rooms as well as for nursery curtains. White curtains look extremely elegant and display a sense of aesthetic and luxury.

White curtains with laces and frills are one of the most preferred choices at luxurious houses, palaces and super deluxe rooms of five star hotels. Moreover, white lace curtains also help in creating a romantic and soothing country inn look. White checkered curtains made from voile, polyester, and linen, and made with exotic colors and designs go best for contemporary home décor furnishings. In fact, white is a universally loved color, whether it is for dresses, furnishings or window dressing and that is why white curtains are always in great demand.

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How to make curtains Linen Curtains

Linen Curtains

Are you looking out for curtains, shades, blinds, and window dressing for your home? If yes, try out linen curtains or cotton curtains, as it can be easily cleaned and maintained in your washing machines. Moreover, you can easily remove the dust from linen curtains by using vacuum cleaners. Linen curtains are relatively costlier because linen is a fabric which itself is a costly material.

However, with linen curtains in your home, you are likely to make your home more aesthetic and soothing. Curtains are generally considered as one of the top home décor furnishing and ornaments and when it comes to beautifying your house with some unique pieces of home décor, linen curtains could offer an excellent option. Linen curtains made from high quality fabrics and in classic designs and colors ought to give a captivating look and feel to your home. Generally, all the linen curtains come in bright colors and therefore, it is desirable to keep them on windows which are exposed to sun as well as shade.

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How to make curtains Stage Curtains

Stage Curtains

Stage curtains or Theater Drapes are very large curtains or piece of clothes that are used to cover the stage when the performances are not going on the stage. Theatrical drapery and stage curtains are manufactured as per standard specifications, which include several parameters such as pleating, fullness, top and bottom finishes etc.

Depending upon the type of show, programs, concerts and performances, there are different types of stage curtains such as tormenter, teasers, front curtains, grand curtains, backdrop, border curtains, theater scrims, and many more theatrical draperies. Stage curtains are made from very heavy and thick materials, as the purpose is to hide the stage and also to screen the sounds. Since stage curtains are heavy weights, the mounting, fixing and sliding mechanisms and accessories of stage curtains are also made from special materials and devices. Nowadays, with lots of developments in automation and electronics, most of the stage curtains are operated with the help of remote control buttons.

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How to make curtains Montgomery Curtains

Montgomery Curtains

Montgomery curtains is a product from UK' direct online curtail selling company. Montgomery curtains are sold as made to measure curtains through the Internet on their website Montgomery Direct. You can choose and buy ready made, customized and made to measure Montgomery from a rich and vivid collection of hundreds of designs, prints, colors and patters directly from Montgomery Direct through their online platform.

During summer Montgomery Curtains are sold with great discounts and deals. You can select and compare from designer fabric, distinctive style, iconic designs, and customize your requirements online before you place your order for Montgomery Curtains. Apart from Montgomery Curtains, you can also buy online, curtain accessories, curtain rods, curtain fabrics and many other curtains directly from the comforts of your house. Montgomery Curtains is a fifty years old company in UK that deals in wholesale and retail categories of various types of curtains. Montgomery is one of the largest curtain supplier in UK and Europe.

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How to make curtains Curtains Online

Curtains Online

Buying and shopping for various types of curtains online is the latest craze among the home decorating people. On the Internet, the choices are countless. You can choose any types of curtains online, whether shower curtains, bathroom curtains, silk curtains, velvet curtains and many many more varieties. Shopping curtains online offers unique advantages apart from being able to get the best deals, discounts, bargains and cheap yet high quality curtains.

Nowadays, even the branded curtain makers or home furnishing suppliers sell their products directly to the end users by listing their curtains online. While shopping for curtains online, you must do your homework thoroughly so that you can minimize the chances of getting cheated by run of the mill Internet sellers. For the Internet-Savvy, buying curtains online is the best method; however, for those of you who are not familiar with online shopping, it calls for little guidance in order to grab the best deals on curtains online.

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How to make curtains Voile Curtains

Voile Curtains

Voile is a type of fabric that is light weight, woven from 100% cotton or slight blend with linen or polyester. Owing to its light weight, voile fabric is very popularly used in making furnishings, curtains, window dressing and mosquito nets. Voile fabrics possess semi-transparent quality and are manufactured in a wide range of colors and designs. Voile curtains are extremely popular in dry climate countries and in summer season.

Voile curtains can also be manufactured as per individual specifications and requirements and that is why custom voile curtains are one of the most saleable curtains. You can buy printed voile curtains, decorated voile curtains, striped voile curtains, outdoor voile curtains, door voile curtains and window voile curtains. Voile curtains are relatively inexpensive as compared other high end and luxurious curtains such as silk curtains or velvet curtains. Nowadays, many voile curtains are made with classic and contemporary designs and thereby making it possible to take your pick.

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How to make curtains Custom Curtains

Custom Curtains

Custom curtains or customized curtains or made to measure curtains have become extremely popular due to its various benefits. If you are not having any problems about budget, you can get the most coveted curtains and home furnishing and window dressing especially if you opt for custom curtains. For many people, getting specially designed shower curtains is always a problem and for such people, custom shower curtains offer the best value proposition.

If you are refurbishing your home as per your ideas and designs, it is quite likely that you may not find curtains suitable to your requirements. In such a situation, the most ideal way is to choose custom curtains. When you buy custom curtains, you can be sure that you will not have to worry about the adjustment in the size of the curtains as per the size of your windows and doors. Moreover, you can order custom curtains in diverse assortment of colors, designs, prints and materials.

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How to make curtains Black Curtains

Black Curtains

When it comes to curtains and especially traditional curtains, be it bathroom curtains, shower curtains, door curtains or any other curtains, black curtains have remained as a popular choice all over the world. Classic retro shower curtains with black or white color are also very popular in the western countries. Black curtains with floral designs, creeping vine designs or beautiful landscape prints are always in great demand.

Black curtains with aquatic designs and bubble shower prints are few of the most common curtains when it comes selecting shower curtains or bathroom curtains. During the spring season, when the nature starts to flourish again, black curtains with flower designs come out in the markets with a bang. Many retailers and branded names sell black curtains with great bargains and discounts during spring and summer season. On the Internet, there are couple of E-auctioneers, where, with little research, you can easily buy good quality yet cheap black curtains.

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How to make curtains Bathroom Curtains

Bathroom Curtains

Selecting the bathroom curtains is not an easy task especially with hundreds of choices of sizes, colors, materials and designs. Depending upon the budget and the rest of the décor in your bathrooms, you can go for bathroom curtains in varieties of designs and colors in the price range from $50 to $100. Despite the basic purpose of bathroom curtains being privacy and dryness of bathroom areas, for many people, aesthetic element is also the main factor while choosing bathroom curtains.

If you don't want to spend much on your bathroom curtains and at the same time wish to have a one in place, you can always go for making curtains. There are so many ideas and easy to follow instructions on the Internet that you can easily attempt making bathroom curtains on your own. Many people often don't understand the significance of bathroom curtains and even if they go for bathroom curtains, they often end up having similar curtains for bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms.

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How to make curtains Tab Top Curtains

Tab Top Curtains

Many people don't realize that just by refurbishing the window dressing and installing new curtains, they can change the entire look of their drawing rooms. In fact, with the new curtains, you can feel an amazing amount of freshness and relaxation in your home. Tab Top Curtains is one such product that has been extremely popular amongst the home décor geeks.

Although tab top curtains have been on and off on the popularity charts but for lost of people, tab top curtains sill remain as their first choice when they plan to go for new curtains. Tab top curtains come as a handy tool to refurbish your house. You can also go for customized tab top curtains with embroidery, swags or tiers with which you can greatly accentuate the entire ambiance of your living rooms. Tab top curtains are widely acknowledged as one of the most fashionable and contemporary curtains for window dressing and door curtains.

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How to make curtains Nursery Curtains

Nursery Curtains

Expectant mothers and fathers start preparing the nursery for their babies right from the day the mother becomes pregnant. Yes, nursery is the most important section of your house for new-born and few month old babies. Nursery Curtains play a vital role in the overall getup of the nursery. Selection of nursery curtains demands an in-depth consideration of several aspects including the color and design matching with the room décor, thickness, quality and length of the curtain material, special qualities such as insulated or thermal curtains, and many more factors.

With tons of choices and varieties of nursery curtains, it is always a daunting task to choose the right types of nursery curtains. A lot depends upon how you are planning to decorate the entire nursery and what types of nursery bedding, nursery furniture, nursery furnishing and nursery accessories you intend to put in place. Many people feel that organizing nursery and nursery curtains.

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How to make curtains Making Curtains

Making Curtains

Curtains are probably one of the most sought-after home furnishings when people go for interior decoration of their house. Nowadays, in the markets, there are tons of diverse varieties of curtains in vast array of sizes, colors, designs and materials. Many curtains fall in the high end of the price spectrum and many curtains come in the affordable price range. Although markets are flush with cheap curtains but if you are really looking out for cheap yet good quality curtains, there is no better option than making curtains.

If you have little patience and knack for DIY (Do It Yourself), you can definitely opt for making curtains on your own. In fact, you can save a good amount of money by making curtains. For making curtains, you need a good quality fabric, basic accessories such as sockets and rod and some home sewing tools. On the Internet, you can find lots of info and step by step guide with which you can easily and quickly make your own curtains at home. Making curtains does not call upon a great amount of efforts and hence it is worth trying it out once.

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How to make curtains Velvet Curtains

Velvet Curtains

When you imagine about Velvet Curtains and Velvet Drapes immediately you start dreaming about rich quality, stylish, chic, soft and luxurious home furnishings. Yes indeed, velvet curtains in red, satin blue and other bright colors are meant to present a statement of sophistication and status. Some of the velvet curtains with exotic colors and best quality embroidery are sure to keep you mesmerized and captivated for days together.

Many people use thick velvet curtains with dark colors as blackout curtains for their photography studio and laboratories. Depending upon how and what you are planning for the home décor, you can go for velvet curtains or silk curtains but if you are looking for exquisiteness, you must go for velvet curtains. Moreover, velvet curtains are generally cheaper as compared to silk curtains. Velvet curtains with hand painted designs of butterfly look awesome not only in your living rooms but also for window dressing of bedrooms and children's rooms.

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